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Flights to Greece – Fly for the best Mediterranean vibes

Greece is an incredible place always full of positive vibes. Regarded as the foundation of western culture the stunning country is known for amazing architecture, delicious food, and beautiful cities. Multiple airlines offer affordable flights to Greece for travelers to fly to the beautiful country on a budget. Another thing that Greece is known for is its beautiful islands. The country is famous for island hopping. There are multiple islands in Greece offering an incredible escape to people of every interest. From beach bumps to water adventure, city explorers or avid photographers there is something for everyone. Blue sky, crystal clear water, and balmy weather make Greece a much sought-after destination amongst newlyweds. Many of its places like Santorini has become popular wedding destination hub.

Visitors can start the tour from the popular and bustling capital of Greece, Athens. Brimming with stunning ancient structures, great food, and shopping options most tourists start their tour from the beautiful capital. The country is a treasure trove of culture, history, and cuisine. The best way to discover the stunning country is by availing of cheap flights to Greece. Travelers looking to explore the best of Greece can visit the below destinations for a memorable holiday. Every moment spent in Greece is a treat for the senses.


Santorini in every sense is a paradise. Located in the beautiful Aegean Sea, Santorini offers a stunning scenic vista with mesmerizing views of a white sandy seashore, beautiful vineyards, and stunning landscape. Whitewashed villages and cobbled streets make strolling an incredible affair. Travelers of every kind will find Santorini a perfect place to escape and explore. Whether foodies, beach lovers, or adventurers, Santorini perfectly fulfills the vacation needs of every holiday. And to the awe of many Santorini looks even more beautiful in real when compared to its online pics.


Another gem of an island, Crete attracts travelers with its golden sandy beaches, quaint old towns, spectacular UNESCO heritage places, and stunning museums. The island is the biggest in Greece and offers tons of activities to indulge in and explore. For nature lovers, Samaria entices with all its beauty and is the perfect place to hike and explore. Cultural lovers must visit the famous Minoan palaces and for kids, plenty of waterparks ensure amazing time. Everywhere there is something spectacular hidden ready to be explored by travelers.


Popular for its spectacular nightlife, Zakynthos draws hordes of tourists looking for a sunny escape. The beautiful Ionian island also popularly known as ‘the flower of the East’ is adorned with stunning Mediterranean beauty. And don’t forget to visit the stunning Shipwreck Beach where crystal clear water constantly pounds the white cliffs. Tourists looking for a dose of wildlife Zakynthos Marine Park is home to slippery seals and savvy turtles. Also known as Zante, Zakynthos is truly a dream island to explore.


Part of the Cyclades archipelago Tinos is famed for its beautiful marble buildings, and culinary delights. This jewel of an island is sprinkled with world-class restaurants with chefs from all over Europe has made Tinos their home. Not just for the food, but people looking for amazing wine, Tinos produces some of the best wines in the whole of Greek. And when it comes to scenic beauty like all other Greek Island, Tinos is also lavish with stunning white powdery beaches and warm seawater, and panoramic sea view.


The best thing about Naxos is that apart from being the biggest of the Cyclades Islands, this island is also one of the less explored. It means that the island offers isolated beaches and a laid-back environment perfect to escape from mundane life. Decked with amazing amount of beauty that soothes the senses, from incredible mountain villages to endless chains of white powdery sandy beaches, Naxos is the dream of many travelers.

Frequently Asked Questions – Flights to Greece

An average flight takes approximately 11 hours to reach Greece’s Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos from Toronto.
The cheapest months to fly to Greece are September, October, and November. In September travelers can save more than 13 percent in booking a flight to Greece from Canada.
Major non-stop flights to Greece from Canada are Aegean Airlines, Air Canada, Lufthansa, United, and Air Transat.
Athens is the cheapest city to book a flight to Greece. It is the capital city and it is served by Athens International Airport, El. Venizelos, which is also the only airport serving the city.
Santorini (4 hours and 3 minutes) and Crete (4 hours and 8 minutes) offer the shortest flight from Canada.
It all depends on the preferences of a traveler and depending on the holiday plans a traveler can choose a flight to Santorini or Athens.
The best way is to book a ticket a month in advance as airlines offer great discounts on advance ticket booking. Being flexible with travel dates is also a great way of securing cheap flights to Greece.