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Premium Economy Flights

Premium economy flights are a step up from economy class as they guarantee optimum comfort, extra leg space, as well as a slew of extra facilities. And guess what? You can achieve all this at a little extra cost! With larger seats and additional services premium economy class will make your journey far more pleasurable and fun. Such flights are also popular as cheap premium economy flights and are gaining immense popularity amongst the masses.

Economy Vs Premium Economy

Premium economy class is an upgrade from economy class but is inferior to business class. The passengers here can expect a few extra amenities that will add to their overall flying experience.

The benefits that the passengers get in premium economy airfares might be different in different airlines but one thing is certain you would get a superior flying experience.

A few of the points that give the premium economy an edge over economy class are illustrated below. Have a read!

  • Cost: Yes, the economy class is indeed a cheaper rate but hey the facilities available in the premium economy class are much more and therefore its rates are greater than the economy class. However, they are lesser than business and first-class.
  • Seat Size: The seats in premium economy class are not only bigger and more accommodating but they also enjoy strategic location and in quite a few cases offer access to separate toilets with smaller lines. The seats here also come with extra recline and footrests. The seats are very basic in economy class
  • Amenities: Amenities available in economy class are very rudimentary. However, they are much improved and much more in the premium economy class with superior meals with a wider menu, greater luggage allowance and more entertainment options are some that immediately springs to mind.
  • Services: Those travelling in premium economy class are entitled to superior services which might include priority boarding, personalized cabin crew, priority check-in, lounge access etc. Such a service is not available for those travelling in economy class

Advantages of Premium Economy Airfare Deals

There are quite a few advantages that such deals bring with them. Read on!

Optimum Comfort

  • Extra Legroom Space: People travelling in the premium economy section have more legroom space that allows them to stretch which keeps them fresh and free from any fatigue, particularly on longer flights.
  • Broader, Wider Seat: The seats available in this section are more accommodating and spacious which guarantees optimum personal space which makes for a comfortable and relaxed flying experience.
  • Better Recline: Greater seat recline makes it far more convenient for the occupant to relax and sleep during the flight.

Improved Service

  • Priority Boarding: Those travelling in premium economy are entitled to priority boarding which ensures that such passengers comfortably settle in before the boarding commences.
  • Personalized Cabin Crew: Travelers in this section are entitled to the dedicated crew which guarantees attentive and personalized service.
  • Superior Meals: The food and drinks offered in premium economy are way superior to what is available in the economy section. People are also given options to choose from.

Additional Amenities

  • Increased Baggage Allowance: Travellers in this section are also entitled to higher baggage allowance.
  • Amenity Kits: Passengers travelling in the premium amenity section are also entitled to amenity kits which include essentials like eye masks, earplugs, toiletries etc.
  • Augmented Entertainment System: Bigger screens and superior headphones are common features in premium economy which guarantee an improved entertainment experience.

Superior Ground Service

  • Priority Check-In: The travellers in this category are provided with access to dedicated check-in counters, speeding up the process.
  • Priority Baggage Handling: The belongings of the travellers in this section are tagged for priority which ensures that they reach their destination safely and swiftly.

How Can I Book Premium Economy Seats?

There are certain steps that if taken properly can fulfil your desire to book a seat in the premium economy section. Let’s find out.

  • Book in Advance: If you are interested in cracking your deal at inexpensive prices then it is best advised that you should apply much in advance.
  • Compare the Offers: There might be differences in the offers that different airlines make. It will therefore be in your best interest to do thorough research to find out which airline is offering the best deal so that you gain maximum from your investment.
  • Look for Upgradation: You should always check out whether your airline offers upgrading facilities from economy to premium economy or not.
  • Consider Frequent Flyer Program: Programs like these can earn you points and miles which can be utilized for upgrades.
  • Keep Your Eyes Open for Offers and Deals: Do not forget that airlines from time to time offer deals on premium economy flights. You should be attentive enough to such offers and prompt enough to latch on to them.
  • Skip Tourist Season: Airlines offer premium economy at affordable rates during the off-season and therefore it is the best time to expect some cool offers coming your way during these times.

Tips to enhance your possibilities to clinch upgradation for premium economy

There are chances when a passenger is upgraded to premium economy because the flight is overbooked but there are some vacant seats that need to be filled. Though such a case is rare it happens off and on. And who has the maximum chance of being upgraded when such a thing happens? Well, those who are travelling alone stand the best chance of being upgraded. Another determinant factor the airlines see is whether the person is a regular flyer with them and is a member of their customer loyalty program. Believe it or not, your loyalty can pay rich dividends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Broadly speaking such flights are above economy class but below business class and come with facilities that will enrich your flying experience. The premium economy class is particularly designed for travellers who are ready to pay more in return for enhanced comfort and additional amenities on board but who are not willing to pay as much as a first-class or business ticket.
Yes, indeed it is. After all, it can come with amenities like greater leg space, enhanced dining experience, extra baggage facility etc. that can make your journey comfortable and without any hassles. Though premium economy seats would be liked by everyone it is most desirable for those going on longer flights or travelling on special occasions.
Well, premium economy flights offer more facilities than economy flights. They might come for a little extra cost but guarantee an enhanced flying experience. The key difference between both these sections lies in the level of comfort, quality of service and amenities on offer. Premium economy class is renowned for offering a superior and pleasurable flying experience with wider seats, extra legroom space, superior reclining, enhanced meal service, as well as additional perks like boarding and enhanced baggage allowance. Economy class, on the other hand, is more basic and is cut out for those who prefer cost savings and are willing to compromise on a few comfort and services.
United Airlines, Lufthansa, Qantas Airways, Air New Zealand, Eva Air, Singapore Airlines, Air France, Aeroflot, Japan Airlines, Virgin Australia, China Airlines etc. are some of the airlines that offer premium economy.
There are myriad ways how it can be achieved. For starters, you can select premium economy at the time of booking your tickets. Then you can also opt for the premium economy at the time of check-in provided there is availability. You can opt for premium economy even at the airport but that would also depend on their availability. You can also use the frequent flyer program to earn the upgrade. You can also purchase the upgrade but then that also depends on the availability.
No, lounge access is not included with a premium economy ticket by most airlines however, a few airlines may allow discounted access or entry through loyalty programs or credit card benefits. Mostly the airport lounges are meant for passengers travelling in premium cabins like business or first class or for those who enjoy elite status with a particular airline or a credit card that might be offering lounge access as a perk.
Yes, Premium Economy boasts bigger screens and superior headphones compared to the economy section. It also makes available to the travellers a broader selection of movies, TV shows, music etc. that can be enjoyed on 11 to 12-size monitors while lazing lavishly on the spacious seats.
Yes, and there is no doubt about it. The food is free for those travelling in the premium economy section and they are also provided with a wide variety to choose from. Moreover, the food is also served in proper plates and not in disposable trays as is the case in economy class. Some of the airlines also offer airline kits to the passengers in the premium economy just as it is given to the passengers in business and first class.
Though anyone would just love to travel in premium economy class business travellers or professionals should never let go of an opportunity to travel in this category. Those flying short distances might not feel the need for premium economy class. However, those flying long distances can benefit greatly by travelling in premium economy. Facilities like extra space, a variety of food and drink, and greater entertainment options can make the entire journey enjoyable and memorable.