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Edmonton, the principal district and capital of Alberta, expands along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. It has emerged as the premium cultural hub, probably the epicenter of creative galleries speckled flourishing scenes soaked in the ultra-refined epic music amidst colossal museums and all the modernity and enthralling atmosphere. Edmonton is among a few exceptionally frigid nations with a populace that blends the undertones of Moscow and China.

Despite the cold and frigid atmosphere does not pull back the inhabitance of Edmonton from celebrating the winter festivals, proceedings without ignoring the importance of deep freeze festivals as well as Ice on Whyte. These festivals are terrific in every sense, based on the concepts of surprisingly crazy principles, yet honored in the vibrant imagination of travelers.

Irrespective of the reasons beyond your travel, flying from Ottawa to Edmonton, is where you exploit the likes of Royal Alberta Museum, the antiquities of Whyte Avenue, and the biodiversity of Elk Island National Park. Edmonton is a rich city with plenty of activities. The city boasts vibrant theater culture, gorgeous architecture, and several sports tourneys. Edmonton is where the travelers have everything to feel pleased about - shopping, or dining, or hiking, or skating – life is on a complete thrilling spree in this city. Here are a few splendid places to get indulged into:

North Saskatchewan River Valley – Walking, Cycling, and Everything that is Purely Aerobic

The North Saskatchewan River Valley is popular for aerobic activities like cycling, walking, or paddling. The river valley has ample green space beside a huge collection of picturesque parks that are almost 22 times huge in terms of occupied area in comparison to New York City’s Central Park. North Saskatchewan River Valley has a trail comprising golf courses and meandering pathways that provide convenient connectivity for Paddleboarding, Canoeing, Kayaking apart from various other activities.

West Edmonton Mall – Retail Chain Stores and Food Courts

Travelers who wish to swindle in those special moments that provides the free will and greater momentum, then West Edmonton Mall is just the right match. West Edmonton Mall is a big-sized, phenomenally expansive structure, with- size reaching to 500,000-square-metres. The mall is integrated with 17 water slides, an exciting amusement park, and a splendid lake. West Edmonton Mall is the popular place for the Fantasyland, which is nicely settled in a sprawling space and supplied by 120 themed guest rooms. Being a passenger on Ottawa to Edmonton direct flights, and overwhelmed about the Canadian places, West Edmonton Mall is the right choice to build up.

Fort Edmonton Park – Relive the Four Time Periods, Flowing through the History

The park has seen history and relived in the times that were splendid, momentous, and symbolically represented by costume bartering, especially the beads bartering at fur trading post. Fort Edmonton Park is where the travelers get peculiar when they find the time to involve themselves in socializing activities at the train station. The park is also where travelers would witness horse-drawn carriages, vintage cars, besides several original structures. Discovering the history in Fort Edmonton Park’s history museum is much more than just splendid fun.

Elk Island National Park – Beach laying, Hiking, Wildlife Photography, and Northern Lights Viewing

Elk Island National Park belongs to a different cult, and visitors visit out here for activities such as beach laying, living through the terrific moments of wildlife, and exploring the night sky for Northern Lights. The National Park is a rich biosphere reserve with completely enclosed boundaries, seen as a perfect sanctuary for lynx, black bears, gray wolves, bisons, and also home to over 250 species of exotic birds. Stargazing on the clean night skies is a great extravaganza too.

Frequently Asked Questions - Ottawa to Edmonton flights

On average, there are two to three flights each day from Ottawa to Edmonton. The frequency of flights can also decrease or increase, depending on several climatic situations.
The duration flight from Ottawa to Edmonton is approximately 4 hours and 25 Minutes. The flight timings can either decrease or increase depending on a multitude of factors.
It is better to book the flight ticket from Ottawa to Edmonton at least a month to 6 weeks prior to the travel, as you are going to avail the best prices.
The cheapest month of flying from Ottawa to Edmonton is August. Check out more information by comparing the months on the authentic online travel agent websites.
The cheapest time to fly from Ottawa to Edmonton (YOW-YEG) is the early mornings or the late nights.
Flair Airlines, Swoop, WestJet, and Air Canada are a few airlines that fly round trips from Ottawa to Edmonton and avail cheap prices.
Flair Airlines, Swoop, WestJet, and Air Canada are a few of the cheapest airlines that offer air tickets at attractive prices from Ottawa to Edmonton.
The price of the flight ticket will be cheap if the traveler is flying to Edmonton on Friday. The return trip from Edmonton to Ottawa is going to be cheap on Mondays. Shop and compare your website with a genuine travel agent website.
There are genuinely registered online travel agents offering cheap flights from Ottawa to Edmonton, and you are going to get the cheapest flights with no hidden costs and unbeatable prices.